Community Weekly Update

November 6th, 2019

It has been a very interesting past month of learning and understanding how to move the clan forward and we are far from finished. This Weekly update is long over-due and we are going to buckle in, look at the past and our upcoming future as well as look at how the clan will evolve next season. 

Also, welcome to our new community news home on Caramella, not only is the overall feel and design more open and creative, it is more complex and open to allow more innovative ways to showcase our community updates to you all.

So let’s buckle in and take a look at the first month of service VLKYRIE has progressed through and discuss what we have learned during this small window of time.

From Clan to Community | The Initial Months of Service

As we progressed through the initial first month, VLKYRIE was still in a very unstable and broken state, still recovering from the conversion process during the rebirth that occurred. As we moved through the month, we stayed true to our promise and that was to ensure to keep transparency and stand different from other clans within Destiny 2. 

We approached the end of our first week with 80 members strong alongside the groundwork for the most comprehensive Discord Server ever created for a single clan. We tackled challenges and brought old features back, all while still learning what our members needed. 

We approached our second week closure with complex changes that simplified the experience for all members inside the clan, ensuring that their voice was heard and began the third week with some massive news for feature returns and an all new comprehensive landing site to showcase all we had to offer to potential members.

Closing out the third week, we refined old experiences with new experiences and rebuilt the clan from the singular moniker of the clan title to a community built with members who are devoted to Destiny 2 and share experiences with other guardians not a part of our 100 strong roster. 

As we approached our fourth and final week of October, we announced some massive changes and features that will pave the pathway towards 2020 and Season of Dawn this December. Now we have looked back at what has happened, lets talk about our future and some massive news everyone is waiting for. 

Our New Mission Forward | Road to 2020 and Season of Dawn

Moving forward, we are staying true to the community design and will be ensuring you can celebrate being a part of that community. You will see features arrive that will push us forward as a community alongside groundbreaking changes that will ensure we push the boundaries of traditional clans within Destiny 2. We are far from finished and the next seasonal release will prove we are here to make a statement.

Upcoming Community Changes | Season of Dawn

- Official Community Merchandise Preview

- Community-wide Progression System

- Steam LFG VOIP Lounge Server

- Clan Sweepstakes Overhaul

- New features to be announced soon

Features coming next year | 2020 and Beyond

- Community Merchandise Store

- Updates to in-server LFG lounges

- Updates to Steam LFG VOIP Lounge Server

- New official Community Website

- Updated Member Approach

- Member Moderator Roles
- SPEAR Program

and more features to be announced……

Raid Workshop Evolved | New Features Arrive

We have been looking at updating our Raid Workshop service and this week will be the first time we deploy a massive change to how things are handled. We are approaching these changes as a community update focus meaning we are taking the ideology of Community needs into account when making these changes.

The first of many updates arriving within this update will be a long-awaited feature that will see members be able to become Mentors and Coaches as well as host their own Raid Workshop events. The first sign of this change has been the complete overhaul of the Raid Workshop channel in the community discord. Not only has it had a facelift but we have begun the transition of Progression Features and Private Coaching into the service without the need to make any updates to existing experiences provided by the service.

Below, you will also find an overview of how well members learn the raid mechanics, understand what each mechanic requires in terms of loadout and how successful these sessions are within the time allocated to ensure members can learn the raid to the fullest extent. This overview also covers how popular the service is with some members even repeating the feature as a weekly raid ritual as well as looks at how the reception of the service feels to members who have never touched a raid before.

Raid Workshop Monthly Overview

- Most Popular Raid: Garden of Salvation

- Average Session Time: 5hrs

- Amount of Participants: 20

- Repeated Participants: 7

- Completed Raids: Last Wish [5hrs]

- Final Boss Attempts: Garden of Salvation [4hrs]

So what does Private Coaching mean for the service, how does the new Progression system work?. Well to break it all down, lets take a look at Private coaching and how it will be a direct option to learn raids without the need to attend a workshop event. 

Private Coaching will not incur any fee and at the end of the coaching session, you will be given the chance to become a Raid Mentor during any future Workshop session. You will also be taught alongside veteran LFG players and be warned that the experience will be far different from a traditional workshop. Instead of an encounter complete breakdown, you will be taught in the traditional raid Sherpa experience but will be taught via a Raid Coach during the entire raid meaning you will be taught in similar mentoring as a Raid Workshop event.

Talking about progression, you will see new Raid Workshop badges role out which will allow you to earn some sweet reputation within the community as well as showcase your love for the Raid Workshop feature. The breakdown of each new badge requirement is listed below.

Raid Workshop Badges Overview

- Raider: Less then 5 completions of a Workshop event

- Mentor: More then 5 completions or 2 Private Coaching Sessions

- Coach: Veteran Raider badge and more then 10 completions

If you have already partaken in a Raid Workshop, note depending on your participation, you may see these new roles applied to you. The final little update you will see coming to Raid Workshops is “Raid Guides” however this feature is still quite awhile away meaning don’t expect it before the release of Season of Dawn.

Community Merchandise | Show your love for VLKYIRE in 2020

Next year, we take the steps to step out from the game and into the community. This step is official community merchandise. We aren’t ready to showcase much but we do have a glimpse at the kind of quality you will get when you make a purchase, you can find the official community jersey below.

SPEAR Program | Admins Redefined

We are always looking at way to build the environment around the community and a new innovative way we are going to begin this process is via the SPEAR Program, a new Community Moderation focus that allows select members to rise up and protect the integrity of the community. This will also open the door to those members moving up into the main management positions and even becoming important figures in the future of the community. We will discuss more about this program in December but for now, this is your glimpse into the feature to come.