Ramadan Thought

I know that I was supposed to be posting things on a daily basis, but I felt that these posts should come naturally so they don’t seem forced.

((ربنا لا تحملنا مالا طاقة لنا به))

This Ayya translates to a Dua’a where we ask Allah to not over load us with things we can not bare.

It came up to my mind today in a way that got me thinking. I realized that since Allah is always with me and looking out for me, it means that even though i may feel overwhelmed or stressed from the amount of work that I have, it couldn’t be something I can not bare. 

Although things may feel tough at times, and I feel lost at others, I now know for a fact that whatever hardship I am experiencing at any point of time, I can get through. Because Allah will not test me with what is over my limits.