Is Everything Okay At Home?

Sometimes, the smallest questions have the biggest impact

Today I went back to the office after Taraweeh Prayer to do some work since i was getting overloaded. After a while of me being alone listening to a podcast I hear someone walk in. The person that walked in is someone i know extremely casually. I don’t even know his name properly. He comes to me with a concerned look on his face and asks me this question “Is Everything Okay At Home?” I obviously said yes since that wasn’t the reason I’m working late. But that question stuck with me. How can a question that is so irrelevant to my current situation, have such a heavy weight? It made me cheerful for a moment there. Sometimes, asking someone how they’re doing, or if everything is okay doesn’t seem like it is of value. But if someone is in actual need for it, that simple small question, could have the biggest impact.