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Wholistic Education

We aspire to nurture and educate a responsible, independent child, who is proud of his identity yet engaged with the modern world. We do this through a certified bi-lingual Montessori curriculum that has been uniquely tailored and complemented for our societal and Islamic values.

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Why Insan?

Certified International Curriculum

Certified curriculum from the North American Montessori Center (NAMC)

Wholestic Devleopment

A “Whole Child Development” approach taking care of cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, and psychological growth

Personalized Plans

Individual development plans for each child, tracking their progress based on their capabilities and needs

Positive Discipline

We apply positive discipline techniques away from rewards and punishment

Bi-lingual Mastery

We focus on the Arabic language and complement that with mastery of English

Proud Identity

We focus on nurturing a child proud of their Arabic and Islamic identity

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Safe & Healthy Environment

Spacious classrooms, natural light, secure lock systems, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, staff trained in first aid & more

True Partnership

We work in close partnership with parents to ensure consistent learning at the Academy and at home

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What We Offer


Distinguished learning Montessori academy for kids 3 -6 years old

After School Programs

Rich skill-building programs that build on school learning for kids up to 12 years old

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Seasonal Camps

Twice a year immersive camps with distinct learning outcomes

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