Why have I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program?

Digital Marketing is getting more attention nowadays. It attracts big companies, startups and all kind of marketers, due to its targeting abilities and the expanding number of users. It is becoming an essential skill for every marketer.

Digital Marketing is totally different than what I used to do in my current job as a brand manager. Targeting here is very specific, platforms are increasing and each platform has its unique way of reaching customers. it is a dynamic field that is changing in a rapid way.

knowing all these challenges, I was asking myself, how can I start to acquire this skill in a convenience way that also enables me to proceed with my career without any disruptions?

I found the answer in the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program, where I can learn in my pace, a few minutes per day, accessible from any device at any time!

In addition, I joined two digital marketing courses in the past. However, none of them made me feel that I was able to run a digital campaign, as they were mainly theoretic.

I needed to apply the concepts that I was learning.

In Udacity Digital Marketing Program, I have 11 projects, where I work on real-life campaigns. Hence, I am getting a feel of what is digital marketing in reality.

In conclusion, I am happy that I am being part of the program, I am learning and developing as I go through the program, hopefully, this journey ends with success and graduation.