Social Media Advertising : How to start?

Social Media Advertising is getting more attention nowadays, it attracts big companies, startups and all kind of advertisers, due to its targeting abilities and the expanding number of users.

However, advertising in social media is totally different than what advertisers used to do in old media channels. Targeting in social media is very specific, platforms are increasing and each platform has its unique way of reaching customers. it is a dynamic field that is changing in a rapid way.

knowing all these challenges, what would be the solution to use social media advertising in an optimal way?

The answer could be too long, it can be taught in courses, however, we will list here the basics steps that will have a big impact and yet is easy to implement:

1. Explore the platform

Try to understand what the customer is facing in social media, to get a feel of the customer journey.

You have to know how the customers are using each platform, what matters the most for them, how they engage in each platform.

2. Know which platforms that matter to your target:

You don't have to explore all the platforms, getting to know your segment preferred platform will help in focusing your efforts toward the right channel.

3. Learn the basics

Using the platform as a user is different than using it as an advertiser. you have to understand how things are measured, what terminologies are being used and also you have to see examples of previous campaigns.

Sound complicated? actually, it is, but the good news is that we gathered the above and more in a free Social Media Advertising Guide that was made by guru experts in the field. click here to get a copy.

4. Start small and then grow

Practice makes better, you have to apply here the " trial and error" concept, with time you will learn how to target your customers in a better way. hence, we recommend you to start with a low budget and to increase as you go.

In the end, social media advertising is a dynamic field, you have to keep up with the trends. the above would be a good start toward mastering social media advertising. don't stop here, All the best!