Want to make Mobile Web Application?

Amazon is considered as the best e-commerce company providing several products to the clients in different cities and countries. Whereas, Flipkart is known as the world’s largest E-Commerce App Development Company which sells in a big range of products online, including mobiles, books, home appliances and fashion products. 2 individuals started Flipkart in Bangalore. It was just a book selling online store in the starting and now if you observe that how they boost their business to the peak and selling different products in the entire India. In 1994, Jeff Bezos started Amazon with selling books and now providing different ranges of products all over the world.

Both companies Amazon and Flipkart utilizing mobile applications and offering different products to the clients. It is kind of easy to connect with them with the use of mobile applications because almost everyone using smartphones in daily basis.

Flipkart and Amazon Applications includes following features.

· Signup / Login

· Delivery and Shipping Address

· Feedback and Reviews

· Variety of Products

· History of ordered products

· Payment method

· Tracking Product

6 Most relevant types of web application that you can create

· Static web application

· Dynamic web application

· Online store or electronic commerce

· Web app portal

· Animated web application

· Web application with «Content Manager»

Few factors by which you can know how to develop an App like Amazon and the exact cost to create an application like Flipkart & Amazon


The best tool to create an Application is Bubble. It is free and you can utilize it when you want to enter the world of web app creation.

Application Design:

It’s obvious to believe that good appearance of the structure gains attraction automatically. Using attractive and amazing designs for your application is the core strength of any application. Applications with cool designs will definitely give accomplishment to your online business. A good application should be easy to operate and application designs should fill up all the requirements of customer. Total hours spent in designing the UI of the application reveals the total cost.

Application Development Platform:

Utilizing different platforms and programing (coding) can develop an application but that sometime gives you serious headache because of using more than one platform. The development cost of application totally depend on the platform like IOS or android.

Conduct a market Research

Almost every business needs market research before starting it up. Research your market when you are done deciding what products to sell and whom you’re going to serve.

Take Care of Product Development and Maintenance

Right after launching your application successfully, this is the time to enhance the quality of your creation.

This phase includes extra research, feedback analysis and deciding what features to improve and what features to implement in the development.

Choose Essential Features

This is the time to define the scope of your development. You want to have an amazing shopping experience and not just to make an Amazon clone. E-commerce is now become a very competitive commerce, so try to launch your application as soon as you can.