to Tidbits

I’m depressed. No, listen — I’m depressed as fuuuuck. And I would rather be less depressed. So here I am, trying to curate my way to a breezier brain. Here, I will collect little things (or tidbits, if you will) that have helped me.

Ground Rules

  1. We’re gonna be real here.

  2. No seriously, we’re not gonna sugarcoat. We’re not about empty platitudes. No general, directionless positivity.

  3. We’re gonna find our way to self-love by wading through the muck, because sometimes, that’s just how it is.

  4. When you’re in the shit, sometimes feeling better seems like an impossibility. So it feels like anyone who tries to help might as well be mocking you. Here’s the rule: we can feel less shitty. You have to believe that before anything else can happen.

  5. You don’t need to “stay positive.” Just open.

  6. Everything I say is something I myself need to hear.

Tidbit #1

Imagine a hummingbird hovering by your shoulder. Every time your brain says something mean to itself, the hummingbird says “fuck that” and tells you why the mean thing is wrong. Today, practice hearing it. Write down what it says, if you can.

In conclusion: Depression can kiss my ass.