Second week


This week we had another food photoshoot and our amazing team thought me great tips for photography and how to edit food photos and have great lighting and list goes on…

Second week

Day six | 16.6.2019

On Sunday we had a full day photoshoot for the restaurant U LOUNGE All the main courses.

Day seven | 17.6.2019

On Monday we had a photoshoot for the restaurant U LOUNGE the breackfast menu.

Day eight | 18.6.2019

We started editing photos and the layout of the menu and creating creative names for the dishes 

Day nine | 19.6.2019

doing reaserch on on the copetiters for U PLAY

, Also design 6 poster for U PLAY. working on the campaign     

Day ten | 20.6.2019

Working on the campaign and designed copons

name tags, map and Event Wristband Bracelet and creative ideas to make the opening day exating and fun for the kids and perents .