Fourth week


Every week I learn more and more ! and so far am loving this week we had a meeting with a new client, how to prepper for him and how to convince the client that this is the right place for him and much more !

Day sixteen | 27.10.1440

We had another food photoshoot for eleven

more dishes and that was the rap for the day.

Day seventeen | 28.10.1440

We had to prepper for a new Clint and

do research for the destruct of the project

and prepper the proposal and give him a

good deal and convenes him that this is

the place for him.Also doing research on

on the competitors.

Day eighteen | 29.10.1440

We had a meeting with our team to brain

storm and prepper all the questions about

the brand. After the meeting we had the

organs all the fails to the hard desk .

Day nineteen | 30.10.1440

We had another meeting with our team the

bring new ideas and talk about the client brief .

After that I started editing the photos from our latest photoshoot.

Day twenty | 1.10.1440

Designing posts for 6 degrees social media and creating a guideline and a plan .