The World is My Classroom

A great teacher is a great student

A wise person

As an early childhood teacher; I believe that teaching children cannot be separated from motherhood, and that tiny sprinkle of motherhood is not something we learn in our classes, it is something the children’s smiles add to us, to our methods of teaching and praising.

Being a teacher gives you that feeling like the world is your classroom and you find yourself sitting in the student’s seat sometimes, but whenever you learn something new you change your seat to the teacher’s seat and share what you have learned with those who are still sitting in the student’s seat. Teaching is not a sort of job which you leave behind in the office at the end of the day, teaching is integrity.

A wise person once said: “a great teacher is a great student”, because being a great teacher is a result of moments you were in it a great student and great life learner. So from this point I believe that your way in teaching is an extension of your way in learning, and for me as an early childhood teacher I have learned a lot from my students, I learned how to write children’s stories from them, I learned how to read a story to children from them, they teach me how to become a better teacher..

I think as a teacher you find yourself at some point with a high level of awareness for the lessons that the environment provides you, you will always find your “student seat” in your everyday life.

Talking about learning leads to talking about thinking, and since thinking is something we do unconsciously sometimes, you may find some adults who did not realize yet how their thinking effects their knowledge development. For me I believe that the way I think and how I question everything I knew had made me much more flexible, and comfortable with my own mistakes, because I used to think about my mistakes as steps to success; I believe that trying and failing is better than setting in the same place forever for the fear of failure. And this pattern of thinking has extended to my teaching style. I always encourage my students to try multiple times, and that failure is not something you’re ashamed of if you’re still trying, and knowing three wrong ways is still considered learning as much as knowing only one right way.

Maybe as a teacher you know that the classroom environment is organized to lead to success, but learning does not only occur in classrooms! And as the “Trail and Error Learning Theory” by: Thorndike, confirmers that making mistakes is an effective way to learn in everyday life. That is why I think that teachers must encourage mistakes and look at it as steps that make the students much more closer to the success at the end of their learning path, and avoid making their mistakes as an obstacle in front of them.

I have faced some teachers who are older than me and with that perspective that the mistakes the students make has nothing to do with them and praising them for the trail instead of fixing the mistake immediately is time wasting, regardless of what they are saying; I believe that maybe sometimes the teachers are responsible of some of their students mistakes. And if you take your responsibility as a teacher especially an early childhood teacher you must care and put effort to prepare your students to learn from real life not only their school books. Learning from real life require a courageous person who’s not afraid to fail and ready to try again until he finds the right way.

And my message to that type of teachers is to think a little bit of the inventions that changed the world, and think about how much mistakes Edison needs to give us light?

I will not lie to you, years ago I used to think of my mistakes as a failure and it means I will not succeed at the right time! But after years in the Education College I became more aware of how people learn, and that time is there because of the variation between us. Now I think, know that every mistake is a closer step to success.

At the end I believe once you become a teacher there is no step back, you will always be a teacher and a student.