No Man's Sky's Leviathan Expedition Lets You Own a Space Whale

The new Leviathan update for No Man's Sky has been revealed, and it will allow players to own their own space whale. The game has gotten several meaty substance updates throughout the course of recent months, and designer Hello Games has also affirmed No Man's Sky will come to Nintendo Switch.

No Man's Sky is a survival game that places a player in the job of an interdimensional traveler. Their task is to investigate a vast procedurally generated open world galaxy and either engage with or research the alien life found on each world to satisfy objectives while also improving their own gear and technology. Since its launch in 2016, Hello Games has been working to update and refine the game's substance, and one of these improvements was the addition of Expedition Mode in March 2021. Expeditions are the equivalent of seasonal substance in different games, which task the player with completing a variety of objectives and research over the duration of the expedition. Players are gifted an assortment of rewards at the expedition's end, and as of late, this included the ability to select the Normandy from Mass Effect to the player's armada.

Available now, the new No Man's Sky update revealed by Hello Games is the Leviathan expedition. Not at all like previous Expeditions, Leviathan adds an entirely different gameplay component by introducing roguelike mechanics. The Leviathan Expedition traps participating players within a cursed time circle where in the event that a player dies while exploring, they must begin again from scratch. Nonetheless, the recently resuscitated player may use items called Memory Fragments which grant random technology advancements. Players may also collaborate to participate in the expedition research and increase the effectiveness of Memory Fragments. The reward for overcoming this troublesome challenge will be the ability to enlist a Leviathan, a.k.a a Space Whale, as an organic frigate into the player's armada of No Man's Sky starships. Players will also get some in-game posters, a fashionable Whalestalker cloak for their avatar, an Organic Frigate Leviathan calf to keep in their base, and a temporal Starship Trail impact for their ship's propulsion stream.

There is a twisted incongruity in Hello Games choosing a roguelike mode as the Leviathan expedition gameplay style. No Man's Sky's problematic launch prompted blended reviews from critics and consumers alike, with many claiming the designer failed to follow through on the game's lofty ambitions. This resulted in refunds being offered at major retailers. Since then, at that point, in any case, Hello Games has worked tirelessly to satisfy the promises made pre-launch, resulting in several substance updates improving the overall No Man's Sky insight. Considering the troublesome start of No Man's Sky's life cycle and how far it has come since then, at that point, Hello Games' own process seems not so dissimilar from what a roguelike is.

Hi Games' consistent obligation to No Man's Sky continues to convey impressive results, and The Leviathan Expedition seems to be another great example. No Man's Sky's newest expedition will run for approximately six weeks, after which, all progress made by the player will change over into a Survival Mode Save. It seems likely to be another memorable occasion for the game and its many players.