We're all Villains In Someone Else's Story

Hussam Zaaim

Disconnected: Life unplugged

In a world where everyone is connected, pulling the plug isn't too bad.

Hussam Zaaim

The Graveyard of Friendships

Hussam Zaaim

The Journaling Challenge.

Hussam Zaaim

5 Interesting Facts About Coffee

You might not know as much about coffee as you think.

Harris Johnston

I must have flowers

I must have flowers, always & Always - Claude Monet - “Flowers are beautiful creations to behold”. Their colors are vibrant. Their scents are pleasantly sweet. Their beauty? Mesmerizing! I have...

Novzkee Alfonso

The KonMari Aftermath

I’m sure most of us are guilty of following the almost cult-like obsession of purging your life of things that "don't spark joy" - here's what to do with them!

Shing Liganor

Hues of Revival

Creative exploration has been an innate urge in me, right from childhood. Although I realized only lately that painting is the best medium of self-expression. “Hues of revival“ comes as a result of...

Sheeba Manghat

Glimpses of Kerala

Kerala, India-my home state, its raw beauty has mesmerized me right from the days when I walked with my grandmother on the paddy fields and unpaved roads. It is the hidden, less noticed beauty of...

Sheeba Manghat

No.1 - Hitting the restart button

To say that I am new to blogging would be a lie. I originally started writing for my friends and family on the industry ‘disruptor’ medium. This was until I felt the platform lost its way trying to...

Hasan Ahmad

A Story About Deep Emotions

An animated story i wrote and designed as an example of what you can do with Caramella for kids and education

Bandar بندر
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