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Search Engine Optimisation Specialists

How to Optimize Your Youtube Channel

In order to get success on Youtube, it is necessary for them to optimize their Youtube channel. Some essential tips to optimize the Youtube channel are given here.

Chris Greenwalty

A Few Tips to Expand Your Marketing Drives with Animation

Patti Moffitt

Fourth week

Every week I learn more and more ! and so far am loving this week we had a meeting with a new client, how to prepper for him and how to convince the client that this is the right place for him and muc

Shahad Khaled

Third week

A week full of adventure and excitement.learning new things. every week is a new experience looking forward to share this with you

Shahad Khaled

Social media adv post

Abdullah Alsaedi


After analyzing my strengths, interests, nature of my training and educational track, aptitude and final professional ambition, I have personally decided to pursue the Digital Marketing Nano Degree...

Abdulaziz Alkhuraydili

Digital Marketing Nano Degree Program by UDACITY

We all have aspirations & goals to achieve in life that grow & never stop. Whether it’s a job we desire, a career path we care to advance in, or a business of our own we envision. Our aspirations...

Norah Abdulmajid

Myths About Ghost Writing

Following are some amazing fallacies about ghost writing that you can hear on a regular basis. Myth # 1: Becoming a Ghost Writer Is a Piece of Cake People have this misconception in their mind that...

Ruth Ives

Proofy - Blog

The mystery of the best time to send email keeps stealing the attention of the email marketers. However, it can be called soled with some minor clauses. All you need is to study the behavior of...

Roman Onischuk

Content Marketing For Service Vs Retail Businesses

I wanted to start sharing my journey in not only making a success as a freelancer but now as of 4 months ago have ventured in to the world of retail too. My freelance business is as a sound...

Matt Price

Helpful Tips Can Get About Damaging Content from Internet

The Digital Identity Group is there to protect your good name and get the content removed. Don’t let these review websites manipulate or intimidate you. The Digital Identity Group helps individuals...

Carolyn Hamlet

Marketing ; the start of a journey

Marketing ; the start of a journey Since a I decided to work on my startup Mazoom (an online platform for managing events invitations ), I used my close network to test...


Yazan Alterkawi

Brand Identity Developer With more than six years experiences in the field of branding and identity designing. Done a number of training courses. Has worked in Nasa In Arabic. Founder of GlowGo...

Yazan Alterkawi


Some of my recent work #design #logo #brand

Yazan Alterkawi

Why I Joined take the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program?

Digital marketing nowadays has become an essential part of every existing business. I chose to join the Digital Marketing Nanodegree, because I believe that everyone by now has to be well educated...


That’s why I choose the Digital Marketing Program

In 2014, a Saudi girl was enjoying her first academic achievement after she graduated from University. This is being me when I finished my bachelor’s degree in Management Information System. This...

razan sindi

Know About Damaging Content from Internet Search Results

Digital Identity Group helps people remove the damaging content quickly and cost-effectively. Their discreet removal process helps protect and clean up your good name. Established in 2012, the...

Camelia Bristow
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